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QDz (Picture Contact Dialer + Mailer)
Date Version Language Filename
Windows Mobile Professional Edition
2008-08-15 0.0.7-004 English [Download] Generic

[Download] Treo750v WM6
2010-03-27 0.0.7-004 [New] Japanese [Download] Generic

[Download] Treo750v WM6

[Download] Willcom W-ZER03 series

[Download] Willcom WS027SH

[Download] SoftBank X01T
Windows Mobile Standard Edition
2008-08-15 0.0.7-004 English [Download] Generic

[Download] SoftBank X02HT

[Download] SoftBank X03HT
2008-08-15 0.0.7-004
Japanese [Download] Generic

[Download] SoftBank X02HT

[Download] SoftBank X03HT
  QDz is a simple application for Contact.
Easy operation likes ordinary mobile phones.

- Phone call
- Mail (SMS, Outlook E-mail, Hotmail, MMS, POP3)
- S!Mail (SoftBank X02HT)
- Camera

Requirement :

- Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition
- Camera

Ver 0.0.2
- One-click contact opening and call or sms inside contact.
- Make the exit button really exit.
- Fixed some bugs.

Ver 0.0.3
- Add contact loading dialog.
- Add simple/picture contact list mode.
- Add category filter.
- Hide window after calling/sending.
- Add default contact picture option.
- Add external mailer application option.

e.g) external mailer option.

Mail Application => (path)\nPOP.exe
Mail Parameter => /a:(Mail Account) mailto:[$TARGET$]
Mail Parameter => /a:(Mail Account) mailto:$$TARGET$$

Mail Application => (path)\Qmail.exe
Mail Parameter => -s mailto:[$TARGET$]
Mail Parameter => -s mailto:$$TARGET$$

Ver 0.0.4
- Bug fix.

Ver 0.0.5
- Add show company name option.
- Add hide QDz after call/mail option.
- Add move to prior/next tab UP/DOWN key option.

Ver 0.0.6-w
- Add 'Copy to Clipboard'.

Ver 0.0.6-x
- Add 'Default Contact Icon'.
- Add 'S!Mail' (SoftBank X02HT).
- Bug fix.

Ver 0.0.6-y
- Add 'Dial/発信' menu.

Ver 0.0.6-y1
- Add 'Dial/発信' menu.

Ver 0.0.6-y2
- Bug fix.

Ver 0.0.6-y3
- Bug fix (Tap action failed on contact list).

Ver 0.0.6-y4
- Add (Tap&Hold action on contact list).

Ver 0.0.6-y5
- Add Action button option for WZERO3.
- Bug fix (Enter button problem on QWERTY).

Ver 0.0.6-y6
- Bug fix (Action button no work).

Ver 0.0.6-y7
- New (Japanese Treo750v WM6 AT&T test version).
- New (English Treo750v WM6 AT&T test version).

Ver 0.0.6-y8
- Add 'Contact Detail' on dial popup menu.

Ver 0.0.6-y9
- Add 'Convert '+' to Int'l prefix' option.
- Add 'Int'l Calling' on dial popup menu.

Ver 0.0.6-y9a
- Add 'Int'l Access' feature.

Ver 0.0.7
- Add 'Group Tab' menu.
- Back button's behavior changed.(Standard Edition only)

Ver 0.0.7-001
- Add "Remove '-' from Int'l prefix" on Int'l Calling option.

Ver 0.0.7-002
- Add 186 dial prefix function. (for Japanese only)

Ver 0.0.7-002a
- Add LightMail function. (for Willcom only)

Ver 0.0.7-002
- New (Japanese SoftBank X03HT).
- New (English SoftBank X03HT).

Ver 0.0.7-003
- Chg Fav icon.
- Chg Contact list bar&text color defined by system theme.

Ver 0.0.7-004
- Fix Contact list sort order issue.


5 navigation buttons :

(1) Move to left tab
(2) Move to right tab
(3) Move to upper contact list.
(4) Move to lower contact list.
(5) Select and show contact detail.

Keyboad :

'A' - 'Z' ... jump to [A - Z] tab.
'#' / '1' / '9' ... jump to [#] tab.
'*' / '2' / '0' ... jump to [*] tab.

Tap screen :

Tap [A - Z # *] tab ... jump to [A - Z # *] tab.
(Triple tap ... [A] -> [B] -> [C] )
Click contact list ... show contact detail.
How to use QDz?
English manual
Under construction !
Japanese manual
Under construction !
Screen Shot
English version
<Contact list>
<Conact detail>
Japanese version
<Contact list>
<Conact detail>
English and Japanese version
<Send mail>
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