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OmapClockPlus (OmapClock Helper)
Date Version Filename
2006-08-03 0.0.4 [NEW] (for WM2005)
2006-07-17 0.0.3
2006-07-12 0.0.1
  OmapClockPlus is a tiny helper application for OmapClock. It shows 'Programs' path and would be automatically changed by languages.

You can download automatic install cab file from [HERE]
(xda-developers : Omapclockplus - continuous overclocking for your wizard)

If you want to install step by step. See below.

Changed OmapClock.lnk path from '\Windows\Start Menu\Programs' to '\Windows\Startup'.

Step guide
1) Download OmapClock 0.2 from [HERE]

2) Copy OmapClock.exe to PDA (e.g \Program Files\OmapClock)

3) Make a shortcut ("\Windows\Startup\OmapClock.lnk") to PDA by using tools like ToalCommander or GSFinder.

4) Edit the shortcut

File name : OmapClock.lnk (e.g OverClock Speed 240MHz)
30#"\Program Files\OmapClock\OmapClock.exe" -clock 240
(30 is just a example. Keep the original number.)

5) Copy OmapClockPlus.exe to PDA and run.

It keeps overclock speed when resume.
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